Customers now expect a personalized digital experience.
It's nearly impossible to deliver without artificial intelligence.
But adding more engagement channels adds costs and complexity.

Our Approach

NLU Service

Explore AI-powered conversation without the expertise and overhead of creating and training an AI model. Just customize the dialog to match your brand's style.

Use Your Systems

Add AI features to your existing systems to make them more engaging and useful. Customers remain in-brand and on-platform for a better user experience.

API Flexibility

Smitten’s API exposes our cognitive services via a standardized interface. Using the API, developers can create AI-powered services tied to our NLU engine.

Smart conversations right when they're needed.


Augment website shopping with AI-powered conversation relevant to each shopper's real-time choices. Inform and guide shoppers toward products that improve their travel experience while boosting revenue.


Reduce support costs and increase ancillary sales opportunities during the travel window by empowering passengers with natural language self-service from their mobile devices. Works great with NDC!


Engage with your customers on popular chat and messaging apps. Our NLU engine can power any number of simultaneous conversations  across your digital customer engagement channels.